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Simplified Procurement for Federal Agencies

GSA Schedule Contracts are long-term contracts with the General Services Administration’s Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Program. They enable federal agencies to streamline their purchasing process by acquiring products and services from pre-approved suppliers. This simplified acquisition method reduces complexity and mitigates risks for government buyers, making GSA Contracts the preferred option.

Benefits of GSA Schedule Contracts:

The Role of GSA:
The General Services Administration (GSA) serves as the authoritative source for federal government procurement, acting as a pivotal conduit for the acquisition of an extensive array of products, services, and consultative expertise. At the core of this facilitation is the GSA Schedule, a dynamic framework that grants government buyers entry to a diverse spectrum of industry supplies and services, all pre-established with predetermined pricing. Often referred to interchangeably as Multiple-Award Schedules (MAS) or Federal Supply Schedules (FSS), the GSA Schedules streamline and simplify the procurement process for federal agencies, ensuring efficiency and consistency in acquiring essential resources.

Contract Award:
Having secured a coveted GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS), the recognized accreditation attests to our company’s unwavering commitment to compliance, equitable pricing, swift order placement, and a broad spectrum of comprehensive product offerings. Undergoing a meticulous review by the General Services Administration (GSA), the process entailed a thorough assessment of our company’s performance and capabilities. This esteemed recognition positions our company as a reliable and high-quality provider, aligning seamlessly with the stringent standards and expectations set forth by the government, ensuring that the procurement needs of federal agencies are met with excellence and efficiency.

Commitment to Federal Contracting:

We remain committed to the federal contracting process and continuously expand our product offerings. When selecting products, we prioritize sourcing from domestic and Trade Agreements Act (TAA) compliant manufacturers. This approach not only ensures the quality of the supplies but also contributes to the support of domestic industries and the adherence to regulatory requirements. Our dedication to sustainable procurement is reflected in our efforts to prioritize sustainable products, aligning with the proposed policy and procedures outlined in the Federal Acquisition Regulation. By integrating sustainable procurement practices into our product selection, we aim to contribute to environmental and social responsibility while meeting the needs of government agencies.

Commodity Codes


  • 315210-cut and sew apparel contractors
  • 322291-sanitary paper product manufacturing
  • 325412-pharmaceutical preparation manufacturing
  • 325413 – in-vitro diagnostic substances Manufacturing 
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  • 325414 – Biological Products (Except Diagnostics) Manufacturing
  • 325611-soap and other detergent manufacturing
  • 325998 – All other miscellaneous chemical products and preparation manufacturing
  • 332999- All other miscellaneous fabricated metal product manufacturing
  • 333314 – Optical Instruments and Lens Manufacturing
  • 333415-Air conditioning and warm air heating equipment and
    Commercial & Industrial Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturing
  • 333998-all other miscellaneous genaral purpose machinery Manufacturing
  • 334220 – Radio and television broadcasting and wireless communications
    equipment manufacturing
  • 334513- Instruments and related product manufacturing for measuring,
    Displaying and controlling industrial process variables
  • 334515 – Insturments manufacturing for measuring and testing electricity
  • 336611-ship building and repairingand electrical signals
  • 334516 – Analytical Laboratory instruments Manufacturing
  • 334519 – Other measuring and control device manufacturing
  • 337127-institutionl furniture manufacturing
  • 339112 – Surgical and medical instrument manufacturing
  • 339113 – Surgical appliance and supplies manufacturing
  • 339940-office supplies (except paper) manufacturing
  • 423410 – Photographic Equipment and Supplies merchant Wholesaler
  • 423450 – Medical, dental, and hospital equipment and supplies
    merchant wholesaler
  • 423490 – Other professional equipment and supplies merchant wholesalers
  • 513130-Book Publishers

SIN Codes

  • 315210 Uniforms
  • 322291 Restroom Products
  • 325412 Criminal Investigative Equipment and Supplies
  • 325611 Cleaning Products
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  • 325998 – Chemical Additives
  • 325998W – Water Treatment Products and Systems
  • 333314- Microscope
  • 333314NV-Night Vision Equipment
  • 333997 Scales and Balances
  • 334220 – Surveillance Systems, Wearable Body Cameras
  • 334513 – Water, Air, Soil, and Seismic measuring
  • 334515 – Diagnostic measuring & testing equipment
  • 334516 – Analytical Instruments
  • 334519ENV – Environmental Measuring instruments
  • 336611 Marine Craft Repairing
    337127 Institutional Furniture
  • 339112 – Breathing air equipment and related items
  • 339113G – Gloves
  • 339113LAB – Lab equipments & products
  • 339113PA – Protective apparel
  • 339113R – Medical/Rescue and patient transportation products
  • 511130 Books and Pamphlets
  • OLM Order-Level Materials (OLM)

PSC (Product Service Codes)

  • 65 – Medical, dental, veterinary equipment and supplies
  • 66 – Instruments and laboratory equipment 
  • 3650 – Chemical and Pharmaceutical Products
  • 6510 – Surgical Dressing Materials
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  • 6515 – Medical and Surgical Instruments,
  • 6630 – Chemical Analysis Instruments
  • 6640 – Laboratory equipment and supplies

Organizational Codes

  • FEIN 35-2381176 
  • DUNS # 96-250-4093